Proximo provides Contact center and BPO operations and custom solutions from Argentina. Throughout the years, it has established long term relationships with clients in many industries in different regions with different languages. Proximo can be your best solution providing the flexibility of instantly upgrading your capacity, and attending your clients in a warm and efficient matter, as you would. We are your office next door.  

  • Where is Proximo?
    Proximo`s sites are in Cordoba, Argentina.
  • Why choose Argentina?
    Argentina represents today and excellent outsourcing destination; besides its proximity to North America and the benefits of sharing time zone, it has many cultural affinities to the United states and Europe. The diverse population is highly educated and speak many languages, including French, Italian, English, German and Spanish. Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. Currently rated by investors as a middle emerging economy with a “very high” rating on the human development scale. Also ranks among the best countries in English proficiency and at the very top among US near shore locations. Robust connectivity infrastructure coupled with a college educated workforce makes Argentina an attractive destination for any company that demands Quality, Adaptability and Price.
  • Why Cordoba?
    Cordoba is the second largest City in Argentina and it`s located right in the center of Argentina. It has many cultural, economic and technological resources to be the perfect host to offshore companies. It has the highest students population ratio in the region, and many students come from other states and countries to attend at one of its many universities. In the outsourcing arena, Cordoba host international companies like Intel, Motorola and HP among others, also it has developed as the preferred Contact Center outsourcing destinations in Argentina and abroad. It has an excellent communications Infrastructure and vast human potential at every level of experience. As a whole, you will find in Cordoba and excellent destination from your outsourcing needs near shore.

“I Recommend Proximo and Specially Sebastian. Through all of our outsourcing relationship with them, they were proactive to attend our business needs, they were very flexible, innovative and competitive. “

Martin Porta,
Sub Director en Tarjeta Naranja S.A.

"Having worked with Sebastian and his team at Proximo for several years, I would say they are, without doubt, the best partner/provider we work with. Flexible and always focused on deliverables, they add real value to ClearMI's operation. On a personal basis, Sebastian is both professional and extremely easy to work with; I would recommend working with him in any capacity, on any project."

Gavin Yeulet,
Managing Director at Clear Market Intelligence Ltd

"Sebastian and I have worked on serveral offshore projects together over the past serveral years. He is an extremely ethical business partner who provides exceptional service to partners and clients. I consider Sebastian one of my true partners and business advisors in the offshore industry, and would never hesitate to recommend his services in Argentina."

Mike Maffei,
People Motivator/Leader * Passionate About Cx * Call Center Operations Executive * Human Capital Strategy/Tranformation

"Sebastian and his team at Proximo Contact Center have demonstrated compromise, agility and innovation in the collection processes. Throughout the relationship with Banco Galicia, Proximo has become a valued partner having the necessary flexibility to adapt to different scenarios but also obtaining great results in the short term."

Alejandro Walk,
Jefe Gestión de Clientes en Mora

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sebastian through a partnership relationship with Visible Technologies. As manager of our Service and Implementation team at Visible, we are faced with fast-paced and ever-changing needs. Sebastian's group has provided us with services that promote professionalism, punctuality, and respectfulness, which has allowed us to build a solid relationship over the years.

Jennifer Campbell,
Customer Service Implementation Manager - National Accounts at TrueBlue Inc.

"From the beginning (of the relationship with Banco Hipotecario) PROXIMO has constantly evolved until they become collection specialists. I had the pleasure of working with them and I was a witness of their formidable growth. They were quick to develop efficient tools and abilities to manage first and third party collection operations. I also will like to underline their capacity to adapt to client's needs. Personally I am very grateful for their professional courtesy and business attitude."

Emiliano Zapata,
Supervisor de Cobranzas

"Excellent professional. Very efficient."

Diego Roberts,
Chairman en