Work at Proximo

We know the choice of your new job is an important decision. We want you to be happy to choose us and we try to give you what you appreciate most, a great environment and the flexibility to organize your school and social live with friends and family.

In Proximo you will gain work experience, receive plenty of training that will be useful for your next career steps.

So, if you`d like to become part of one of our work groups, let us know, we love to meet you. 


For Proximo, service attitude has been always
a top priority, a part of the service delivery
process. Which needs to be nurtured
and care for.

Our commitment to service is not just a intent, but part or a process; these processes are certified under ISO international standars.

Since 2011, Proximo has maintained its service process certified under ISO 9001 and 14001.